Since our last interview with Ahsh Eff, she has released her MixTape, The Wrath of Young Ursulah:   It is fresh, powerful and intelligent. 

There is no other like Ahsh. She truly embodies the soul of a free thinker and individual and just her presence and ferocity will inspire you.  Enjoy our second interview with her below!

Q: Since our last interview your mix tape has dropped.  Tell us what it's all about and how we can get it.

A: My debut MixTape "The Wrath Of Young Ursulah"(#TWOYU), is a tale of a Villainous Outsider possessing nothing, but doing what it takes to conquer all, in the context of the project symbolizing my growth & goals to be great and excel at what I do; as what I believe is the perfect introduction. The Mixtape is available at, where you can Listen, Download, Share & Leave Feedback.

Q: What message does this mix tape convey?

A: I'd like to think of the Mixtape as a story, like the first musical score of my life as a movie. I use the word villain, and talk in the context of someone who is a misfit, throughout the Mixtape because that's what I am. I feel like villains always have a backstory that is never usually showcased, and that backstory explains why they are who they are. The villain is the underdog, that never gets their chance to shine. Because of negativity behind the word, they are automatically prejudged without the chance to show and prove. But I'm the villain who changes it up, who climbs out of obscurity! "The Wrath of Young Ursulah" hence, the acronym #TWOYU.

Q: How has it been received?

A: I've had a fair amount of traffic; the Views, Streams, and Downloads of the MixTape are steadily increasing.

Q: What are you currently working on?

A:  I'm currently working on promoting my project, and gaining as much attention as possible, as well as scheduling performance dates, and finding every outlet possible to showcase my MixTape and who I am as an entertainer, to reach the masses!

Q: How have you grown as an artist since our last interview, what have you learned?

A: Since our last interview, I've ultimately been able to tighten up who I am as an artist. I've also learned that my legs, and arms are in fact the best places to write concepts, and rhymes the second they come to mind... I call it my rappin' skin. Haha. #LinezOnMe!

Q: What do you want your style, energy and music to say to the world?

A: I want my style, energy and music, to give people freedom! I want them to know that you can embrace who you are, and you don't have to change for anyone! We are humans, made perfectly imperfect. Some of us were not made to fit in, follow rules, live regular lives, or have tons of friends, but whatever category you fit into embrace that sh*t! Cause there's only 1 you, and that's the glory of having the ability to an individual!

Q: What music is currently inspiring you right now?

A: Jay-Z, Juvenile, Nirvana, UGK, and No Limit, are truly inspiring me the most right now! Although they all seem so different, one thing they share in common that I love the most; is that they all create freely, with no boundaries. Through their music they convey that nothing is too outrageous. Even though my style does not directly replicate theirs, I've been infinitely inspired by them.

Q: What has been your biggest struggle to overcome?

A: My biggest struggle that I'm still overcoming is being called a "Female Rapper" verses, an Lyricist/Entertainer. I continuously reiterate the fact, that no one should be limited to gender. Talent is colorless, and gender less to me, you either have It or you don't.

Q: HATERS. We all have them.  What advice can you give to young people about tuning out the negativity?

A: Hating is a profession, not an action. Hating is a full time job! Haters stay true for the rest of their lives. What they chase are new people to hate on... NOT DREAMS! So because you know that all their lives are amounting to is tons of hatred, you know where they're headed... Nowhere fast! Stick up your middle finger and keep it moving!

Q: Finally, leave us with some words of inspiration about your purpose as an artist.

A: My purpose is to be great! I refuse to let anything or anyone be in the way of that. I have tunnel vision, and my eyes are on nothing but the prize. I was given this gift to speak for myself, and others who cannot, and that's what I intend to do!

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Photo cred:  Chris Randall and Gary Holder-Winfield