What do you aspire to be?  What are your passions?  Are you working on your dreams daily?  There are two types of people in this world, people who work hard on their dreams everyday and people who sit around and watch.  Which one are you?

After connecting with aspiring designer Maria Garza on twitter I immediately felt a connection with her spirit, passion and warm and kind presence.   She has a unique perspective on fashion and is pursuing her dreams and goals gracefully.   What better way to celebrate this, than in a feature!  Enjoy our interview below!

Q:  Where were you born and where are you from?

A:  I was born in the USA, lived in Mexico my entire life, and now I moved to Texas!

Q:  How old are you?

A:  I am 18…19 in just a few more months.

Q:  What made you dream of becoming a fashion designer?

A:  My mom has always been a very stylish person, and she would always dress us really fashionable, and a little bit different to what other girls wore, so I guess that’s when my passion for fashion started. Then when I was 2nd grade my teacher was getting married and I was so exited that I designed her a Cinderella-like dress…that’s when it all started.

Q:  What type of women do you want to design for?

A:  For every woman that is willing to stand out, make heads turn wherever she walks. Anyone that is willing to be confident, to feel beautiful. Everybody and every body is BEAUTIFUL!

Q:  What fashion designers influence your style, designs and life the most and who are your favorites?

A:  My favorite designers, the ones that somehow have an influence in what I want to express with my designs are Max Azria and Donatella Versace. Their designs always show so much life and transmit beautiful vibes. That is something I want to achieve when I design.

Q:  What inspires you other than fashion, landscape, art, music?

A:  I enjoy every type of art, but dancing inspires me in a way that I can’t even begin to describe, makes me have beautiful emotions and believe that the sky is the limit. A little bit of dancing now and then helps the soul.

Q:  What music are you listening to right now?

A:  I am listening a lot of One Direction, their music is super catchy and fun! I am also listening to Mexican legends Benny Ibarra, Sasha Sokol and Erick Rubin! Their album “Primera Fila” is AMAZING! You should listen to it!

Q:  What message do you want your clothing to send to the women wearing them?

A:  I want them to know that with my clothing there is no need to feel ashamed, or shy, I want my clothes to tell women “HEY! YOU ARE ROCKING THIS! YOU ARE MAKING HEADS TURN! YOU OWN IT GIRL!”
I want to show confidence, fierceness, girl power, and also elegance with my clothing.

Q:  Where would you like to see yourself in 10 years?

A:  I would love to see myself living in London, having my own Fashion House, my own runway show, and having a charity.

Q:  How would you describe your own style?

A:  A little bit different, a mixture of many styles. When I dress I feel like it is a dress up game. I like to mix and match styles, sometimes I want to look hippie, others rocker….sometimes I want to be a cowgirl, it all depends on my mood!

Q:  How has where you live influence your style?

A:  It hasn’t influenced much, people here dress really good, but I like different…I am not looking what are the trends here, locally. I am looking what are the trends in New York, London. Those styles are the ones that influence me the most.

Q:  And finally what advice can you give to other aspiring designers, artists, musicians?

A:  Fight for what you want! God will always open so many doors for you, will give you all the possibilities to be whoever you want to be! It is up to you If you take those chances. Also don’t be discouraged if something doesn’t happen the way you planned it, learn from those experiences. I can assure you will help you in your seek for your dream. It CAN  happen! You just need to work hard, plan, and NEVER STOP DREAMING!

Q:  And how can we follow you!? (blog, twitter, etc)

A:  You can follow me on my Twitter @mariafgarza and also on Instagram @maria_garza7…and I am currently working on a webpage….so keep your eyes open!

Q:  Also what are your top picks from Tribehaus?

A:  I am currently IN LOVE with the Roar Printed Jumper! Also the Pleated Mini Dress and the Black Scarf Vest! Everything its just FANTASTIC

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