I have been living in San Francisco for over a year now.  What an amazing city I am blessed enough to live in.  I believe in destiny and moving here is part of my destiny and I do not take that for granted.  I am training for a Bikini Competition so working out lately has been a huge priority.  I have also been able to try out different gyms/studios as a perk for working for an athletic clothing company.   Here are my top 6 places to work out in the city (in no particular order)  Enjoy!

1. Studiomix

Nestled on Van Ness between O'Farrel and Geary, this is one of the most beautiful gym spaces I have been in.  Ultra modern, simplistic and chic I fell in love when I walked in.  But the best part is not aesthetic, it's the amazing classes, instructors and variety they offer.  I can take weight lifting, spinning, barre, yoga, bootcamp etc. the list goes on. A super friendly staff so it's got a great feel.  I wish I could tell you which class is my favorite but every time I take a class it's my favorite! Barre mix is amazing, bootcamp is fun and challenging.  It's a gym worth checking out if you prefer a class setting to just doing the same boring eliptical routine you always do.

2.  Equinox (Market Street)

This is perfect for your traditional luxury gym needs.  Large workout areas and machines, plenty of weights, classrooms for yoga, boxing, pilates, spinning, etc.  Steam room, sauna, showers, staff in locker rooms.  There are 3 locations in the city, the Marina, Financial district, and the Downtown Market street which is my personal favorite.  I just prefer the vibe of this one, but everyone is different.  It's ajoined to the Four Seasons, there's basketball courts and a swimming pool.  Definately worth checking out if you are a total gym rat and love a "gym scene".  Although this one is pretty low key which is why I love it.

3.  Soul Cycle (Union)

Yes I drank the kool aid.  Soul Cycle Union Street is located in the Marina/Cow Hollow neighborhood aka the land of yoga/pilates studios, yoga clothing stores such as Lulu Lemon and tons of healthy eating options like Lite Bite and my favorite, Plant Cafe.  If you have never been it's worth trying, I can understand why people get obessed, it's an awesome concept, the brand itself is strong.  I love the energy of the instructors, and let's not forget the MUSIC, especially if you are/were kind of a club head.  It's awesome when a class is packed and the energy of the room really is something special.  It's a fun way to get in your cardio and worth the experience!

4. Bikram Yoga Northbeach

Located in my neighborhood, Northbeach, San Francisco's "little Italy",  this studio is my heart and soul.  It was Bikram himself's first studio opened in 1973.  It has history, it is authentic.  There are no fancy bells and whistles, no luxury steam rooms.  Just real honest good people and BEST BIKRAM instructors.  The friendly atmosphere gives it a community feel with all ages, sizes, races and sexes.  I love this studio and have been going now for a year, the studio manager Bev is a brilliant experienced instructor, and you will always be in good hands here.  This is a safe place you can go to really work on yourself, your yoga and your practice with no judgement and no ego.

5. Basecamp

Located on the corner of Filbert and Van Ness this is a relatively new concept  that I love.  One minunte on the bike, then one minunte of some sort of strength building exercise whether it's abs, upperbody or legs, then back to the bike and so on.  It's a fast pace 35 minunte workout with awesome people and instructors.  The studio itself is beautifully designed and accomplishes it's purpose, again a community feel with super friendly enthusiastic staff.  The 35 min. workouts are great for people with hectic schedueles that need a high intensity workout without spending hours at a gym.  Each class/day is different targeting abs one day, upper body the next so you can keep challenging yourself without getting bored of the same exercises.  Worth checking out if you live or are visiting the city!

6. BodyworkSF

BEST PERSONAL TRAINING IN SF.  Located on Union Street, If you need one on one personal training with experienced personal trainers this is where you go.  Whether you need to whittle your body down to get bikini competition ready (me) or just want to lose your baby weight, At BodyworkSF you will get that skilled personal trainer who will improve your technique so not only are you acheiving your goals, but you are doing it in correct form and preciseness, which you don't get from most group classes.  The studio itself is pleasant, sunny and comfortable.  I feel at home here and the space provides an atmosphere where you can get real work done. If finding an excellent trainer to work on personal fitness goals with is what you are looking for, then this is the studio for you.


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