1.  Have you really seen their clothes?  I wanna have them all, I swear.  But I ain't no rich girl so I can only stare and dream at them.

2.  Tribehaus = quality.  I have a shirt and a dress and I can guarantee that they are top quality.

3.  The sales, gotta loves the sales.  It is ok if you don't have much money.  Just keep an eye on the sales from time to time to see if your favorite piece of clothing was added there, so you'll have the money for it.  You will be happy, the shop will be happy, it's a win-win for everyone.

4.  The Beanies are a must.  Nowadays, everyone wears beanies with a community's logo or a shop's logo.  So why not wear Tribehaus' logo too?  Plus, it looks like really good.

5.  Don't you just love the designers from Tribehaus?  From Erdem to Reverse, Beinhabited to Line&Dot, all of the designers wait for you with awesome clothing and accessories, waiting for you to order them and be proud you wear such awesome clothes.

6.  Nothing lasts forever. Shop now or never!

7.  They have the coolest Lookbooks ever.

8.  Be part of the Tribehaus community by buying some items, it's worth it.

9.  Tribehaus....it's not just a simple online shop.  It's a community a family and a cool one.  So don't you wanna be part of the Tribehaus family with us?

10.  And the 10th well it's because it's TRIBEHAUS! Duh! Shop from it! Be a part of something and feel awesome wearing the clothes.

p.s.  you can find this awesome blogger who just wrote this at : http://bibisteahaus.wordpress.com

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My current top three picks from the shop are below!

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