Keeping fashion WEIRD, blogger and fashion icon Melanie Reyes has such a strong and fierce style you can't look away.  She exudes beauty, confidence and individuality and is not afraid to be herself.  She is influential in the fashion community and definitely one to check out!  Enjoy our interview below : )

Q:  How old are you?  Where are you from?  How did you develop such an awesome personal style?

A:   I'm 18, I moved from New Jersey to North Carolina! But I still consider my
self to be a city girl~  I haven't always had a sense of style I guess, but with some time and realizing that I was different than most people, I began wearing tutus to school, and that's where it all started haha (:

Q:  What are your passions? Dreams? Goals?

A:  My passion is of course fashion! It hasn't been too long since I"ve started dressing the way that I do, but it's all I think about. I'm always shopping online, I work in a mall at an H&M store where I live, so I'm always working, and thinking about fashion! I love talking to people who aren't sure of themselves because they're not sure what people may think of them. I love helping people find themselves, and motivating people to be who they want to be despite what others may think! My goal is to one day have a clothing line of my own (:

Q:  How would you describe your style?

A:  I don't know what I would describe it as? I feel like I have a lot of different styles kind of packed into one! One day I might be colorful and fun, and the next I could be in all black!

Q:  What are your favorite brands?

A:  Oh god....Unif would have to be my favorite brand! Their clothes are so BAD ASS, and they're a big inspiration to the kind of clothes I want to make in the future! I also LOVE Jeffrey Campbell, O-Mighty,

Q:  What music are you listening too?
A:  This question always puzzles me... Lately I've been listening to a lot of dance music like Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, and different dance mixes! On the flip side to that, I've been listening to a lot of like.. Kanye West and Jay Z as well... Then it goes into Lana Del Rey, and like.. The Weeknd. IT MAKES NO SENSE I KNOW BUT I LOVE IT ALL OKAY. <3

Q:  Who/what/where influences your style the most?

A:  90's fashion, Hanna Beth, fashion bloggers Dominique ( and Rachel Lynch (, Japanese Harajuku fashion UNIF, aliens, Lana Del Rey, some girls I work with at H&M and the list goes on and on and on (:

Q:  You have such a strong unique and bad ass style, how does this reflect your personality?

A:  I just like to have fun! I feel like a lot of people see the way I dress as really weird, and they just don't understand! I'm just having fun!

Q:  What advice can you give other young women about not being afraid to be themselves, put themselves out there and take risks? in fashion and in life.

A:  If it makes you happy, do it/wear it! That's the biggest thing! You'll never be happy if you live your life trying to please everyone else but yourself! Who's there in the end? You, right? So you should make yourself happy, and be whoever YOU want to be! ♥

Q:  If you could be doing and living anywhere right now where and what would that be?

A:  If I could be living anywhere, I'd be in New York City, LA California, OR Tokyo Japan!

And that's a wrap!  Follow Melanie on her blog, twitter and instagram: insta: @st4ycreepy

Photos by: Abigail Morris  insta: @Abigaillmm_photos

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