I connected with model and blogger Vicieux through twitter last year.  She has been such a loyal follower and customer, blogging about Tribe as we have grown as a company and always there to offer support.  We have become good friends and she is as smart as she is fashion savvy.  I respect and honor her and one of the best parts of this company is meeting young women as amazing as she is!  She is a BIG part of this community and company and I am so happy to feature here in our Style Focus for the week!~ Enjoy our beautiful interview below! 

Q:  How old are you?

A:  I am 25 years young.

Q:  Where were you born and where do you live now?

A:  I was born in Victorville, California. I lived there until the age of 15 and then moved to Las Vegas with my mother and grandmother. I stayed in Vegas until the age of 23, which is when I moved out to where I live now in Spokane, Washington.

Q:  When did you start your blog and why did you start blogging?

A:  I started my blog during September of last year. I decided that I wanted to create a website to represent myself professionally as a model and writer. Of course, most websites that are designed to showcase modeling or writing portfolios are fairly impersonal, and I didn’t want to give off that vibe about myself. Eventually it occurred to me that if I set up a blog on the site, then I could share my personal style and write about anything that interested me or share little pieces of my life. This was also very important to me for a lesser known reason; in order for me to be able to thrive happily somewhere, I need to be able to exude my thoughts and emotions creatively in some manner. Since there were very few legitimate modeling opportunities when I moved to Spokane, blogging became my outlet for creativity and self expression.

Q:  What are some of your favorite designers?

A:  For more casual clothing, I’d say Reverse, Dimepiece, DKNY, Lauren Moshi. Y-R-U for shoes, definitely. I own tons of stuff from one of my favorite designers in Sweden, Holy Malice. I take inspiration from Mugler, The Blonds, McQueen, though you won’t find me wearing them; I make style boards of ideas to use for DIY fashion projects and photo shoots.

Q:  How would you describe your style?

A:  Fashion enigma. My style varies from day to day because it’s influenced greatly by my moods and interests. I might wear something that’s purely gothic or punkish during the daytime and then end up wearing Roberto Cavalli later on that night when I go out to dinner because I want to look more elegant. I have a very unpredictable style.

Q:  What are your ultimate career goals?

A:  My ultimate career goal is to become a psychologist and focus my work towards treating memory loss and mental illness.

Q:  What music are you listening to right now?

A:  To name a few that are always on heavy rotation: Depeche Mode, AFI, Otto Dix, Lana Del Rey, The XX, Crystal Castles. Otherwise, I listen to a lot of classical music and obscure bands from Russia and Japan.

Q:  What fashion accessory can you not live without!?

A:  My chunky Dior bracelet and I shall never part, honestly. It is one of the more rare vintage pieces, so it remains to be very difficult to find the matching necklace that it was intended to be paired with, but I love it anyway.

Q:  What message do you want to spread to the world through your style and blog?

A:  The message that I want to share through my style and my blog is simply that people should never be ashamed of themselves, nor should they ever feel limited by who they are or where they are from. People will not always understand you or what you represent and vice versa, but you shouldn’t let their opinions change you. Stay true to yourself and the rest will follow as it should.

Q:  If you could only wear one brand for the rest of your life what would it be?

A:  Tribe, most definitely. Ever since the announcement was made that Tribehaus will have its own line of clothing and accessories, I’ve been daydreaming about all of the cute ways I could style the stuff. What I like about Tribehaus is what it represents to me as a person; the brand is like a community unto itself and we’re all supportive of each other within that group. I have always felt that the message behind Tribehaus is very positive and inspiring, and for that reason, I would gladly wear it for the rest of my life because it is like supporting my own friends.

And finally,  If people want to peek into my crazy little world, they can follow me on Twitter (@vicieuxofficial) or check out my blog on my site at http://www.evicieux.com/blog

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