I hate descriptions, almost all of them are so boring and dull, but mine isn't because I'm awesome, ain't I? 

So let's start with the very beginning, I was born in Romania, in a city called Cluj-Napoca almost 16 years ago.  My mother decided that the name Bianca would suit me and she was right.  So today I go Bibi (because almost every teenager uses their nickname instead of their name) , I still live in the city I was born, I have a westie I constantly fight with for my mother's attention, I have a 5 year old brother, I am Instagram and Tumblr addicted, I dyed my hair pink three times so far and I have a pretty cool life, I'm just like every teenager.  

I have love problems, let's not forget about the drama.  I'm Tumblr feet famous and I'm socially akward.  But my mom says I'm special.  I'm not a fashionista but I like to have my own style.  But I warn you, I'm a very random person.

But that's all I'm telling you about me for now.  Let me tell you a story about Tribehaus, about how the Tribe spirit connects people.  For me, Tribehaus is not just a site where you buy awesome clothes, Tribehaus is more than a shop, it's a community a family.  Tribehaus brings people together with all it's positive vibes and inspirations, it's a big with syle and swag family.  I never imagined the Tribe movement would become such a big important part of my life, but I'm very blessed to be part of it and contribute what I have.

Below are some of my favorite picks from the shop : ) 

Till next time,


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