Launched almost a year ago, Tribehaus is a community project and shop I started to make people feel connected and part of something.  Technology can be viewed as a way to keep people separate, but I choose to embrace this beast and see how much it could bring people together.  With many ups and downs over my first year in business the greatest blessings have been the people from around the world who are now such a huge part of the company or tribe or family or whatever word you choose to use, people who just belong together.  

One of these people is Bianca,  I will let her tell you about herself, but I knew when we connected she needed to be part of the company somehow and her brilliance and sense of humor just made her a perfect fit to blog for Tribe.   I don't know how I always find these amazing people but I always do, and now Tribehaus wouldn't be Tribehaus without them.  

Also below are my top picks from the shop! Enjoy! : ) xo Anna 

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