The best part of running Tribehaus is connecting with amazing people from around the world.  I don't even remember how I connected with Dominika, but I remember knowing right away that she possessed a very cool and unique style that instantly made me want to follow her and her evolution of style.   Enjoy our interview!

Q:  Where are you from and where do you live now?

A:  I was born in Poland, but  live and study in England.

Q:  How old are you?

A:  I’m 18 years old.

Q:  What is your occupation?

A:  I’m a full time student , studying Business and Admin. and also Fashion and Design.

Q:  How would you describe your style?

A:  I went through a lot of styles!  A couple of years ago I would wear pink all the time, I had blond long hair, pink nails, cute dresses . But then I started to mix and match a bit more and I fell in love with leather! Since then I could wear leather all the time.  I would mix leather leggings with everything.  And now my style is mixture between rock chick and gothic.  People sometimes give me really different looks and talk about what I'm wearing etc. But that's THE WHOLE POINT! That's what I wanted! I love when I walk down the street and people start to look at me.

Q:  Why is fashion and style so important to you?

A:  Without fashion and style everyone would look the same.  I can’t imagine living without Fashion, it’s the only way I can express myself and show people who I am  and what I stand for.  It’s like my addiction!

Q:  What do you want your style to say about you?

A:  I want my style to say that I’m a crazy girl with big dreams haha :D

Q:  What are some of your favorite designers and brands?

A:  My favorite designers  are Channel and Versace and I actually own a vintage Versace top which is 10 years old! My favorite brands are TopShop , RiverIsland and Tribehaus!

Q:  What are some other places, things, people that influence your style?

A:  Everything has a little influence on my style, I love 80’s 90’s fashion, read old fashion magazines especially Vogue and to look at the way they dressed years ago.  People that influence my style are some of my favorite fashion bloggers like Maffashion,  Dominique and also people like  Rihanna, Rita Ora and sometimes just random people that I see in town.

Q:  What are you dreams and goals?

A:  My dream is to be a Fashion Designer or a Stylist. My goal atm is to finish college and to study in London University. 

Q:  What music are you listening to right now?

Right now I listen to 30 Seconds To Mars I think they are amazing! But apart from that I listen to nearly all kinds of music .

Q:  If you could give one piece of advice to young girls pursuing fashion, what would it be?

A:  My advice would be :
Dream Big and work hard for it because it’s worth it!  Do what you want to do no matter what.

Q:  Tell us about your own blog, and how we can follow you.

A:  On my Blog I want to show my person style, what inspires me and also music.  Also I like to talk about latest Fashion Shows and what caught my attention.
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Q:  And finally what are your top picks from the Tribehaus shop!?

A:  I'm in love with SDFU Sweatshirt, Lisbeth Leggins, Bomb Jacket and Fergie <3

Thank you so much Dominika!!! We love you! xoxox Tribehaus : ) 


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